SloBees Society

SloBees – Pollinator Conservation Society of Slovenia


The aim of the SloBees Society is to raise awareness of the importance, diversity, threat and conservation of pollinators, to research pollinators and to connect researchers and pollinator enthusiasts in Slovenia and beyond.

The goals of the association are:

  • greater public awareness of the importance, diversity and threat of pollinators,
  • improving the conservation of pollinators in Slovenia,
  • improving knowledge on pollinators in Slovenia

Together we are building a more pollinator-friendly world!

Would you like to join us or otherwise support our work? Write us (

President of the socitey: Danilo Bevk, PhD

Official (registered name of the society): Čmrljica – slovensko društvo za varstvo opraševalcev

Čmrljica - SloBees
The emblem of the SloBees Society: a bumblebee on a flower. The author of the emblem is Jasna Andrić.

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